new day, new life, new me..

March 3, 2008 at 2:50 pm Leave a comment

new me? (yeah, you wish)..haha..

after 3 months of TARA show on AXN, finally we (indonesia forumers) met another racers from outside Indonesia. I can say, it was a very an unforgetable experience since before the show started, then the premiere, the show itself, and the finale, memories, and the coming of Adrian and Collin to Jakarta and Bandung.

So this is the review of TARA2.

I remembered I checked Brett & Kinar forum on the website. Friends like blue, stardust, be-joy, and other ‘old’ forumers from season 1 already posted topics there. The first topic was from cabioTar, he posted about Gathering Party for Indonesian Forumers. Then another post from chin-go, and (of course) me. I made the topic “masih sepi euy…”

Then, few days after, stardust sent me a message, an invitation to meet cabioTar. He came all the way to Jakarta to visit our country with his friend, Mr. A. So, on the next day, chin-go and me met up with star in a hotel somewhere in Jakarta, then cab came with his friend.

At the Premiere gathering party, which chin-go and me arranged the place and the time, it was  a blast. Brett and Kinar, the racers from Indonesia joined us on the gathering. Kinar is very beautiful, Brett also a very nice person. Lots of forumers came to see the premiere and also the racer.

Chin-go and me always watched the show together. We went to McDonalds, JavaNet Cafe, and Dunkin Donuts to watch the show. Sometimes it was only him and me, but sometimes evan joined us, there was dimplecheek too.

(to be continued)


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