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it doesn’t matter how far apart we are now
you can add up all the miles in between
if you take a good look all around now
all you see is you and me
when i look at myself in the mirror
i see you standing there smiling at me
and i’m right back at the beginning
lost inside this memory
i won’t ever let go, all that i want to hold onto

doesn’t matter how long that it takes you
cuz i’ll always be right by your side
and weven when darkness awaits you
i’ll be there to be your light
it’s a hard lonely road
when you’re standing outside in the cold

sometimes it’s hard to learn to let go
life always knows the right moments to show you what you needed

that we belong together
like the moon and stars and midnight
we’ll be strong forever
cuz we belong together

[Michelle Branch. Together. Ost. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants]


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