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December 24, 2008 at 8:53 am Leave a comment

The Battle of Shaker Heights. [[Film tergaring Shia LeBeouf dan Amy Smart. Biarpun nonton diwaktu luang juga sangat membosankan. Not recommended.**]]

The Happening. [[Zooey Deschanel matanya gila banget birunya. Filmnya sendiri film aneh, Shyamalan(writer, director) bener-bener keabisan ide banget buat bikin cerita. Nyalahin racun yang tersebar oleh angin yang berasal tumbuhan?? Weks? And how come they survived just after a minute the toxin stopped spreading? Bener-bener teori biologi yang gak masuk akal.***]]

The Christmas Cottage. [[Gosh. Jared Padalecki! Hahaha.. My favorite actor since I was in High School. Unfortunately he died on House of Wax. The movie is based on true story. It’s about a small town and the people living in that town. It’s about loving each other, and very touchy. If  you visit New York’s museum, I recommend you to see Glenn’s original painting.]]


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