Mount Gede

June 17, 2009 at 10:22 am Leave a comment

Yep. I guess, I have to start writing in English. Hahaha… First topic, I wanna write about Mount Gede.

Mount Gede is one of the highest mountain in West Java, Indonesia. More than 3300m of height. Have a very beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain and the ticket fee is less than a US dollar. It’s only 7000 IDR (1 USD = 10000 IDR). Yeah, Indonesia is a very cheap country.

Before you hike, you have to make a reservation three days before. They wouldn’t allow you to hike if you don’t make a reservation first.

It’s a 6 hours hiking to Kandang Badak Camp. And two more hours to the top. See my pictures below:

The Beautiful Mt. Gede

The Beautiful Mt. Gede

If you guys wanna go to Mount Gede, please contact me. I can take you there.. Hohoho.. I wanna go there, too.. šŸ˜›

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