My Graduation Day

November 21, 2009 at 12:27 pm Leave a comment

I couldn’t think any better title but My Graduation Day.

Today is my graduation day but I didn’t come. Sad, huh?! I’m in other city which is so far away from Jakarta. Three hours flight, and it’s in other island, not in Java.

I was alone in my room, didn’t know what to do. Today is Saturday, and I am restricted to do almost anything crazy. I have no friends. Actually of course I am, but they live pretty far from Manado. Well, then I just watched TV, watching One Missed Call and Babylon AD, then eat rice and noodle, then take a nap, then checked my facebook mobile, then regreting myself why I wasn’t in Jakarta. Then I cried (lebai deh), because it should be my very happy day, but I was alone doing nothing. Kemudian gue berhenti, berpikir keras…

Ini ‘harinya gue’ … Ngapain kek…

Gue sms temen-temen gue ngajakin ketemuan ke pantai. Dari enam orang yang gue sms, akhrinya cuma 2 orang yang bilang bisa dateng. Dari dua orang tadi, cuma satu orang yang jadi dateng. Jadilah dua cewek bernarsisan ria di pantai belakang MM. Lumayans… hehe… daripada gue sendirian aja di kosan. Bisa gila gue. Hahaha.

Awan gelap cepat banget ditiup angin ke arah kita, sampe akhirnya hujan rintik-rintik. Kita berdua nongkrong di Solaria sambil berbagi kisah. Caelah. Hihihi… Seru…. seru… ternyata kisah dia juga lumayan seru.

Dan sekarang… akhirnya gue resmi punya gelar di belakang nama gue. Hihi…
Thank you, Lord.


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