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November 28, 2009 at 1:00 am Leave a comment

Haha, actually I had never imagined it could be like this. I cried myself a river when I walked out from my very first office. It was a sad ending. But like a quotation said, “It’s not the end if it’s not a happy ending.” Hohoho, I hope so, because on the very next day I started a new whole world. Living so far away from the city and my new job isn’t about computer.

I really thank God for what I have chosen and done before. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger, a powerful quote from a great friend :D. From the day I moved on to my hometown I always met new challenge and also good and bad experiences. But I also met new people with great spirit and they are so kind, loving and caring (duh grammar aing ancur, bodo ah). Memang ternyata… kita musti ngehadapin tantangan berat, even we think we couldn’t face it… tapi hidup ini gak akan selalu berjalan kayak apa yang kita pengen.. not always that smooth.

(Kadang gue ngerasa lebai sendiri, hal ini terus gue tulis dan bahas… hahaha…butuh pengalihan perhatian neh…hahaha)

Okay… next…

Actually, what I’m trying to say is… I’m really glad, I’m so thankful that I’ve got my friends and family. I’m speechless every time I read their messages, sms, or phone call especially after that ‘tragedy’. Really. Every time I wanna reply, I just thought my words are too flat and they deserved more than that. I could only say your names in my prayers.


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