The longer we live, The wiser we are

September 19, 2011 at 12:04 pm Leave a comment

I woke up early in the morning to catch the 5.40 am train to Jakarta Kota. Eventhough I was in the Woman Only railway coach, I didn’t get any seat. It was crowded. Getting more and more crowded starting from Cilebut, and fully crowded at Depok. I brought my big bags and an envelope (my CV), and I almost fell when I tried to get out from the train. Crazy day to begin this crazy week.

I ate Bubur Ayam (Chicken porridge), my favorite breakfast since I was in elementary school. Then I waited for a bus. I had NO idea what bus should I take. Haha… I said to myself, “Just wait,” then yep… God sent me a bus. The first bus I saw… Bus number 45. I read the route on the upper side of the bus, “Cililitan – Blok M – Mampang.” There you are, bus. I came approached the man who worked for that bus and asked, “Lewat Kapten Tendean?” Then he answered, “Tendean! Iya, lewat! Blok M! Blok M! Blok M!” Then he yelled again.

I applied for a secretary position. When I was interviewed, the interviewer told me that his company was an outsourcing company for oil and gas companies. Darn… I thought it was the company I applied for. I didn’t plan to work via outsourcing company.

In just an hour later, I was in a train back to Bogor. I was thinking and thinking… that I should get a job very soon because RnR will come next week. I’m really scared that I would still unemployed until end of October. I just noticed and realize how hard it was to find a job with a good salary, at least enough salary for my family. And how annoying to hear some of bad people could get so much money so easily, well, yeah… by corrupting people’s money.

Well… the longer we live… we will understand this life better… and hopefully we live our life wiser.


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New Start Sejauh ini…

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