Missing Them

September 23, 2011 at 2:53 am Leave a comment

It has been a week and two days since I left my hubby and cute lil baby to begin a journey of searching a good job with good salary. After having my 9 months of ‘maternity leave’ (lol, I wasn’t employed since 9 months ago), I started to think that I need to get back to work because I wasn’t planning to be a housewife. I began by buying local newspaper and sent some application letters and luckily I was invited to some interviews, even though eventually I didn’t get any job. Then I started looking for jobs from an international recruitment website, and it seemed like there’s a sunlight came across to my dark bathroom where I couldn’t even find the water tap :p.

In the last three weeks I was invited from 12 companies. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend 4 of them.  The remaining five: POG company – I think I didn’t qualified enough for the position, I didn’t answered good enough for their questions. Damn; S company – It was the easiest interview ever, but it was an outsourcing company; AE – I did very well in the interviews. I answered all the questions and hopefully I’m qualified enough for the position; and AH company – the interview is still next Monday.

In my free time while I just stay at home, I look for my six month nephew. He is very cute and always reminds me to my three months old daughter. She is a spoil little baby. She cries a lot and likes to be carried. My hubby sent me some of her newest photos and darn… it made me missing her more! She’s cuter!

Not only her, I also miss my hubby so much! I fought a lot with him, mostly I started the fight, lol. But when we’re seperated this far… three hours flight away from each other (we’re even live in different island!), we’re going to miss each other A LOT. When he ended our conversation on the phone, he always said that he loved me. That made me miss him more.

Hopefully, their plan to come here wouldn’t be delayed again because I miss them so much already.


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Hari ini… The Tourist

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