Minus in New Nokia Lumia 820

January 5, 2013 at 8:57 am Leave a comment

So I am One of the lucky Nokia fans that able to pre-order the new Lumia series with discount. I get IDR 500.000 cash back since I pay cash. The others luckier than me. They got IDR 800.000 – IDR 1.500.000, by payung with Crédit cards and taking pascapayment with selected communication provider.

The new series even have not released yet but I already found out a lot of lack of settings and menu in this Phone. It makes me a little bit disappointed with Windows OS. It feels like even this is their new batch after Lumia 610, 710, 800 & 900, I think they didn’t give the maximum of their creativity so this become a Not Very User Friendly Phone compare to iPhone and the currently-famous Android.


Here are some of the minus:

1. Not enough phone setting.
There are no setting option for changing the keyboard type to 3×4, when in portrait screen position; not to vibrate when tapping the 3 shortcuts ‘back, home, search’; to show or not to show the ABC box on application list; and also no setting to rename the phone bluetooth.

2. Music and Video.
I am really disappointed with this feature. They should have had installed Windows Media Player instead of this ugly application. I cannot make a playlist. Yes I can, but it’s strange, I can only make a playlist for one song. There’s no option to add or delete other songs. The music and Video apps from Nokia/Windows is trully a failure. The menu to tap is also not user friendly, I don’t know what the heart logo is for, even it is tapped, it did not effect anything.

3. Very limited apps.
And most of them aren’t free. Android’s market is sooo much better.

4. No FM Radio.
Yes there’s is fm radios on store, but the apps should uze data plan which can cost me.

5. Cannot change main account.
I noticed that when I tried to change my primary live account to hotmail account. The phone setting said that I should reset my phone first. Hmmmm… The nokia guy already set my phone when I purchased it, and I did not want to take any risk if there’s something wrong appear in my phone after I reset it by my self.

Okay, that’s all so far. I already gave some feedback to Nokia, too. I wish they can review users complaint and update the version soon.


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