Warm Bodies

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Well, I just watched this drama-action-thriller movie which brings me more alive and inspired… halah… This movie is a fresh twist on the zombie genre.

Yeah, I mean it. Eventhough I was a little bit lost in the middle of the movie, because there’s an… umm… how do I say it… there’s an unclear purpose and message of why and where “R” and Julie ran from and to, when they just told Julie’s father that “R” was different from other zombies. Then they ran… but they ran to the bones? Yeah, I knew because they were being chased by her father’s army and there were the bones that chasing them too… But… I was just disconnected with the scene.

But I love this movie because it’s a new idea of making a love story through a zombie movie. Haha, I like it. Zombie movies are all about zombie eating people, people bleeding and dying, (cool) people killing zombie and always won. There’s always a far gap between human and zombie. We are alive, and they are dead. They are totally infected and dead. But in this movie, the filmmaker wanted to tell us that their zombies were just a bunch of people that were infected by something in the past… yes, their hearts stop beating which means they’re dead, but… they could be cured… by LOVE.

Haha.. it’s so funny.

I like the message of the story, until I forgot to tell the synopsis of the movie. So here for you:

“R” is a zombie. He’s dead. He’s pale. He’s the main actor. And the good thing is… he’s not that cute, like other main actor. But he is able to think like what living people do. He has his own place and has a good friend. And hell yeah… main actors (R and his friend) do not look like zombies in general. Their make up are simplified, just to tell the audience that they are innocuous.

In the other part of the world, Julie and her friends, including the cute boyfriend (yeah, he’s cuter than “R”) were delegated by Julie’s father to go outside the border to get medicines.

R and friends went for feeding time and there he met Julie at the drugstore near the border. Killing between zombie and human occurred. Love at first sight also happened. R saw Julie with her guns, she was so cool, he thought. And that is the beginning of the story.

Oooh… how I want to watch the movie again tomorrow if I get the chance… haha… I like drama movies, comparing to my previous life at high school and university, I always preferred to watch action and war movies.

But I think I’m just gonna buy the DVD, anyway.

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