Come Home Late

July 17, 2013 at 11:19 am Leave a comment

Starting today I will post about the craziest thing happens in my life on that day. Today it’s about coming home late at 5.45 pm.

So my boss has agreed to give me a 3 days leave starting tomorrow until Monday. So this is my last day to finish my pending cases plus today’s cases. My total pending cases were around 10 plus 19. Today, my supervisor allocated me with another 25 cases. While, generally I finish only 25-28 cases. Awww… But in some circumstances in the past, I could finish up to 30-40 cases a day. But it only happened only like 2-3 times in my life.

This morning I finished those 19 cases just for 3,5 hours. Then I checked email for any incoming additional infos for my cases, then after lunch, I was going after the other 10 cases, then started to process the new cases. At 4 pm, the Time when normal people go home, I stayed late with other 2 friends until 5 pm. My Manager checked my untouched cases and helped me with some of them. Wew…. It’s not a good thing, I guess… Well she is very helpful, but your Manager helping you do your job??? I must be the one who is helping the boss. Well, my office is kinda different, and my boss is specially different. She is very helpful in anything. Plus, very wise (that is what I adore about her). She ended up staying late with me until 5.45pm. She said she didn’t want me to get stressed because of my pending cases. Damn, she’s really nice.

I was hoping that I still can do final check to my pending cases, leave notes to their databases, and whatever that makes me comfortable before I leave my desk for the Next 3 working days. Well, she was already standing there waiting for me to go home, so I packed up my stuff and left.

Why this is crazy is because, it’s been almost a year that I don’t do overtime after 5 pm, that my boss is a great boss and yes I would overtime if I want to have a leave tomorrow.


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