Man in the train

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I was in a train to Jakarta. I slept from Cilebut to Depok, then a tall man carrying a 2 years old son, followed by his 6 years old curly hair daughter and another (maybe) 12 years old tomboy daughter, and his young-looking wife. They do not look like a rich family by to the clothings they wear.

I offered my seat to the man, then he commanded the curly hair girl to seat and she did. It was just one seat, but then the mother tried hard to fit herself in, too. “Why should you?” I said to myself. One seat is enough and you’re a grown up woman and strong enough to stand until you reach your destination.

After 5 minutes, the tomboy asked to seat, and the mother gave her seat. I could see then, they were a happy family, going somewhere for a holiday.

Then this thing began to trouble my mind again. A woman who sat next to the tomboy stood up and got off the train. The man automatically shouted to his lady whom I still doubt she was his wife because of her age, to take the seat. And she did. She did without offering it to me first. I was like, “Where is your manner, dude and duddett? I’m still here and I’m alive. And the most important thing is, I was the one who gave your family a seat.”

Gosh, this people. Even she offered me a seat, I wouldn’t take it because I knew I wasn’t fasting. But, there’s something we call Politeness, when someone has offered you a seat because of your family condition and you already took it, you offered back that advantage when you got an additional seat when you don’t really need it. Well I know you need it, but at least an offer (basa-basi) is a polite thing to do to keep good relationship between people. I believthis man and the family don’t get thatlesson from their ancestors… Poor you guys.

Neither the man or the wife had ever thanked me for the seat. Not even smile.

Moreover, when another seat was available next to the curly hair daughter, this man without hesitating offering it to the woman (not very old compared to me) who stood next to me. I stared at both of them on purpose.

Fuck you, man. That woman wore veil and I was not. Screw you people who are racist and fanatic! What if I was a person who genuinely accepted the Quran’s teaching but hasn’t decided to wear a veil yet. We live in a tropical country, fyi, if you didn’t pass your geographic lesson at high school. It’s 27 C degree and I wouldn’t force myself to cover myself even more.

Someone will get mad by reading my story. I’m just telling you the truth.


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Dear God

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